2021 05 Preso: Digitalisation of Condition Monitoring Data

Meridian is committed to developing technologies, methods and the capability that support fact based decision making in order to continually improve our ability to predict and prevent plant failures. Our Condition monitoring programme is the cornerstone of our maintenance strategy, enabling timely intervention before failure occurs. Reviewing condition monitoring information data can be a tedious and resource intensive activity and with ever increasing amounts of information being collected. We need to leverage the technology available to ensure that changes in plant condition are identified and appropriate risk based decisions can be made. Meridian started on this journey in the early 2000’s. This presentation will cover Meridian’s journey to automate alerts, enabling condition monitoring information to be reviewed consistently.

  • Author: Perri Randle
  • Exchange: 2021 - Virtual Exchange Mercury
  • Company: Meridian Energy
  • Topic: Asset Condition, Condition Monitoring, Data Analytics, Operation & Maintenance, SCADA
  • Key Words: Digitalisation, Historian, Maintenance, Online, computerised