2021 03 Preso: Whakamaru Rehabilitation

Whakamaru is a four unit power station commissioned in 1956. As commissioned, each unit was rated at 25 MW. This presentation covers the journey of nearly a decade to up‐rate and
rehabilitate these units. It covers the contractual arrangements, the works themselves, the final results, along with one or two challenges that had to be overcome to get there.
This project demonstrates resilience by, taking a unit designed a generation ago and by employing modern design, to use the same amount of water, more efficiency, to generate significantly more
power. Efficiency gains are key to enabling Mercury to continue to produce power to meet its commitments when water as a resource becomes less due to climate change and other user’s

  • Author: Joe Mace, Rob Munn
  • Exchange: 2021 - Virtual Exchange Mercury
  • Company: Mercury
  • Topic: FEA, Francis, Generator, Optimisation, Refurbishment, Turbine
  • Key Words: Bearing, FEA, Maintenance, Regulating Ring, Rehabilitation, Rotor, generator