2021 01 Preso: WKM Spillway Gate System Condition Monitoring System

Plant performance can be measured, and the measurements captured digitally. The captured data must be manipulated and analysed in order to draw conclusions about underlying plant
condition. For uncommon tests a normal workflow would involve capturing data using instruments installed temporarily specifically for the test, the exporting of raw data to a plain text format, and the
analysis of it utilising Excel tools. This paper discusses using Python as an alternative to Excel for the analysis stage, including requirements, benefits and drawbacks. The context will be in relation to the analysis of data
captured from intake gate flow tests, which are tests performed so that conclusions can be drawn regarding the mechanical condition of the gate and hoist systems. The methods discussed are applicable to any situation where Excel would normally be used for analysis of digital time series data.

  • Author: Cameron Crawford, Gerhard Buitendach, Glen Merwyn
  • Exchange: 2021 - Virtual Exchange Mercury
  • Company: Mercury
  • Topic: Asset Condition, Asset Management, Condition Monitoring, Controls
  • Key Words: Gates, Online, Protection, vibration