2018 31 Paper: TrashRacks_Pantabangan

In the 2007 Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) between the NIA and FGHPC, only the power generating components were transferred to the ownership of FGHPC and the non-power components remained as property of NIA. The non-power components include the dam, spillway, intake towers and the gate chambers.
There are two intake towers in the waterway system. One is the Irrigation Intake tower, which is used to by-pass water for irrigation requirements if the hydro plant is not available, and the other is the Power Intake Tower which supplies water to the hydro plant (PHEP). Both towers are typical in design and these are operated and maintained by the NIA in close coordination with FGHPC following a water release protocol.
The main focus of this report is on the Power Intake Tower, particularly on the problems on the trashrack screens discovered recently.

  • Author: Joseph E. Mapalo, Richard Difuntorum
  • Exchange: 2018 - Albury AGL
  • Company: First Gen Hydro Power
  • Topic: Asset Condition, Asset Management, Civil, Condition Monitoring, Hydrology, Operation & Maintenance, Refurbishment, Trash Racks
  • Key Words: Dam, Maintenance, Trash Racks, policies