2018 26 Paper: Real-time Flood Forecasting and Warning System for Batang Ai

The upstream and downstream communities of Batang Ai HEP are vulnerable to flood in the case of extreme flood events. Downstream reach of Batang Ai River is shallow and contains flat topography over the riverbanks. By discharging large floodwater through the spillway, it would cause flooding along the river and this should be mitigated. Besides downstream communities, a school located upstream of Batang Ai HEP, SK Nanga Delok, is prone to flood as it is located along the reservoir. Hence, it is necessary to establish a real-time flood forecast and early warning system to alert the communities to evacuate in case of any flood warning. This paper briefly explains the methodology and the system description of the flood forecasting and early warning system being established for Batang Ai HEP.

  • Author: Joyce Anak Janggu, Mubasher Hussain, Susie Nadya
  • Exchange: 
  • Company: Sarawak Energy Berhad
  • Topic: Dam Safety, Data Analytics, Flood, Hydrology
  • Key Words: Dam, Flood, Modeling, computerised, policies