2018 15 Paper: Aqueduct Modernisation

Snowy Hydro Limited own and operate a large network of aqueduct pipelines converting water from downstream tributaries to reservoirs for increased storage potential. As the fleet of aqueducts starts to reach end of life Snowy Hydro does not just want like for like replacements. A long term aqueduct strategy is currently being investigated which looks at safer access, longer life, reduced failure modes and better monitoring. This paper outlines
the approach of the long term strategy for the future of SHL aqueducts. Inclusive of internal liners, online condition monitoring, automation of valves, camera monitoring and drone inspections (manual and automated). An outcome of the long term aqueduct strategy is a program management plan that outlines nine key projects. These projects are critical to reducing the risk present to personnel during maintenance and repairs, whilst ensuring the long term success of SHL’s aqueduct fleet. The program outlines the delivery strategy, procurement strategy and program schedule. These factors will ensure the key projects satisfy business requirements. To ensure long term capability of SHL aqueducts the program aims to increase reliability and asset performance with accurate condition monitoring, improved telemetry and prevention of failure modes

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  • Topic: Hydrology, Tunnels
  • Key Words: Aqueduct, Asset, Hydraulics, Maintenance, Rehabilitation