2018 09 Paper: Creating a Sustainable Asset Management framework

Asset Management has developed a lot over the past 20 years but in many cases the difference is still unclear between maintenance management, reliability engineering and asset management is … or is there a difference? Who is actually doing what across these areas and how do they interact and support each other? Can they function effectively as separate functions or activities? What we have learned over time within Mercury is that as a company we are doing all these things well, but often as separate and isolated activities without a common framework. That is an
easy solve people will say; just create a common framework, get everybody on board and there you go!
Well, many who have tried will share the sentiment that it is easier said than done, especially in an environment where day to day activity will always take precedence above improving systems and processes. The alignment of different functions across different disciplines and business
units holds a raft of challenges and stumbling blocks to manoeuvre and negotiate. We have learned that a sustainable AM framework starts with a “push” but needs to be converted into a “pull” to make it sustainable and give it a chance of surviving beyond one person or one team.
This paper will talk to:
 the challenges and learnings we have encountered within Mercury on this journey (by no means can we claim that we are there yet)
 sharing some tools and processes
 how we started the journey and the initial “push”
 how to turn the “push” into a “pull” and make it sustainable.

Take-away for the audience will hopefully be a bit of ‘aha let’s not do that’ and I can imagine also a lot of Deja vu and an opportunity to share some of their own experiences in this space.

  • Author: Gerhard Buitendach
  • Exchange: 2018 - Albury AGL
  • Company: Mercury
  • Topic: Asset Condition, Asset Management, Framework, Operation & Maintenance
  • Key Words: Asset, Maintenance