2018 04 Paper: Asset Health Condition Assessment Electrical

This paper aims to describe the electrical asset condition assessment using the results from the various tests in the periodical condition based maintenance. There are several techniques in doing the assessment and one has to weigh what is applicable and appropriate to the system. Asset condition assessment is to find and quantify a long term degradation purposely to provide remaining life estimation, corrective measures to extend service life until retirement. This entails different test parameters to the assets and scored accordingly based from the set criteria referenced to applicable standards and best practices. Determine how the health rating and other critical information can be used to prioritize repair/replacement or to make other asset management decisions.
The objectives of Asset Condition Assessments are:
1. Identify those assets which are underperforming
2. Predict when asset failure to deliver the required level of service is likely to occur
3. Ascertain the reasons for performance deficiencies
4. Determine what corrective action is required and when (maintenance, rehabilitation, renewal or retirement)
5. Develop asset management strategy and plan

Included in this paper are some experiences with the different test parameter in Transformer, Circuit
Breaker and Power Cable. Asset health condition ratings may be used for a variety of asset management purposes where an understanding of the overall condition of asset is required. This is condensing large amount of data into a rating that easily reflects the over-all status of an asset to prioritize and ranking them according
to the criticality. Easy to understands and should convey the over-all condition of an asset in one rating.

  • Author: James Balangyao
  • Exchange: 2018 - Albury AGL
  • Company: AboitizPower-Hedcor Inc
  • Topic: Asset Condition, Condition Monitoring
  • Key Words: Circuit Breaker, HV