2018 03 Paper: Energy Improvement Opportunities Batang AI

Batang Ai Hydroelectric Plant (HEP) is Sarawak’s first hydroelectric plant commissioned in 1985. It is designed with a maximum installed capacity of 108 MW. This paper explored the energy improvement opportunities through revising the reservoir operational rules. Currently, Batang Ai HEP is being operated in the full operating range between 98 masl (MOL) to 112 masl (FSL); where most of the time the reservoir operates at lower levels and there is an opportunity for energy improvement by lifting the reservoir operational levels to maximise the net head and plant efficiency. In this paper, it is proposed to adopt an operating range between 107 masl to 110.5 masl and the associated dispatch (with this operation, the reservoir level will not trigger the fullsupply level of 112 masl at a flood event with 0.001 % exceedance probability). By adopting this, the plant will deliver a firm power of 45 MW and an additional saleable energy of 69 GWh per annum.

  • Author: Joyce Anak Janggu, Mubasher Hussain, Susie Nadya
  • Exchange: 2018 - Albury AGL
  • Company: Sarawak Energy Berhad
  • Topic: Hydrology, Optimisation
  • Key Words: Hydraulics